Fresh Fish Recipes including Haddock my personal favouite

Haddock Fillets are very popular cut of the Haddock Fish which is a white fish fished from sustainable fisheries in the North Atlantic. It is widely available due partly to responsible fishing practices, allowing the large fish stocks to remain at a decent level. It lives at various depths in the sea typically from 38m to 135m and has been found a lot deeper at 300 meters, though this is not the norm. The Haddock is easily recognizable because of having white sides with a black lateral lines. It also has a charcoal coloured patch just above the pectoral fin. This is given a name of devils thumbprint or thumbprint.

Haddock Fillets are a versatile fish due in part to the different ways in which over the years people have cooked and prepared it. This is my favourite fish & if you want to buy haddock fillets then click through here. Having the Fish Smoked as a way of preservative has been used for thousands of years. Now Smoked Haddock has become a popular dish served as a breakfast or as a starter in restaurants across the world. The firm white flesh of Haddock is a good reason why it takes so well to being smoked.  How to tell if the haddock is fresh is by the firmness of the flesh and with it having a translucent look. Older fish will look more white than translucent.

Some towns across the UK have become synonymous with Smoked Haddock Fillets such as Arbroath in Scotland. The Arbroath smokie is a hot smoked Haddock Fillet which doesn’t need any cooking before eating. In the Indian/English dish of Kedgeree smoked fish is used usually Haddock. For fish recipes there are a many different books available, but where to buy Fresh Fish online, particularly where to buy haddock fillets in the UK? Check out these suggestions.