About me

Howdy Folks,

My name is George Parker and I live in Kent England. george Parker ProfileI am 35 as of this article and I  have finally decided to break the mould (well my mould) and venture out and do some blogging of my very own. This site is a news and review site for ebooks, the more obscure ebooks out there and there are quite a few. My background is in creating mouldings for a business called Sunburst Mouldings and we create a large and diverse array of models for the garden industry and also for local councils and government projects. Its not the most interesting job in the world but I like it. My computer skills are pretty limited so please forgive my website if it appears a little clunky as I am sure I will in time get to grips with it.

I hope you find my reviews of obscure ebooks interesting and feel free to like me on facebook.